what is it and what is its value and how do we know

how can i define this music i make as good or bad/of value or valueless?
how can i define any music/? i can ask what the music does and ask myself does it perform within a paradigm i value [is it outside of the captitalist/patriarchal/consumerist/entertainment hegemony]. is it challenging the given order that i consider to be unsound? or i can ask 'what are the musicians aiming to achieve? and why are they making music, for whom and why this particular music??' i can ask of my music 'what was the experience of making it and how was that experience?' i will also ask is there value in 'making' music as opposed to being music or facilitating music/sound ?

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cabin said...

how can i decide which music is valid? i have listened this evening to several pieces of music all made by me. all of them consist of radio/tape/voice./no input./saxophones/
some are long. so me are short. i have no way of telling which if any are more valid. there seems to be no criteria . i like them. i enjoy the sounds. most of them are almost random/or definately are totally random. they are a series of sounds and i call the series of sounds a whole. one piece i think to myself-this is just a mad barrage of radio snippets,it's nothing. and then i imagine someone else lisnin to it and enjoying it in the same way i might enjoy a piece by some other person who makes noise music and then the music shifts and it seems to make sense/is valid. so why choose anything. why dont i just put it up. some will hate it some will love it. who can say?